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Work is in progress… and it will be worth the wait.

Here's what I've been up to since I started this project.

I've thoroughly researched real-life professional web development, documenting and organising my findings in countless pages of notes, hundreds of lines of source code and shell scripts, large infographics and even larger mind maps.

Knowledge is one thing, but conveying it properly is another. Unfortunately, the popular ways in which web development and programming are being taught are effective mostly with students who have a good capacity for learning without guidance and/or who are already somewhat competent in the subject, which can be quite disheartening for everyone else. As I really want this book to cater to everyone willing to learn, I've explored educational psychology and instructional design, with the intention of delivering the highest possible learning value.

I've also commissioned the design of the book's cover and set up this website to share this project with you and (I hope) get you as excited as I am about it.

I'm now happily spending as much free time as I can writing the book, preparing and testing the technical bits, crafting the exercises... and more (but more on that later!).


There will be two editions of Web Development in Real Life.

Digital Edition

Full-colour PDF, MOBI and EPUB versions of the book

Access to online resources

Print Edition

Paperback, ca. 1,000 pages

Access to online resources

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